Saturday, June 5, 2010

6/5/10--Kicking and screaming

Today's run: 2 miles
Week to date: 14 miles
Month to date: 10 miles

I. Did. Not. Want. To. Run. Today. I didn't want to do much of anything, really. Kind of like yesterday, when it was pouring rain and only in the mid 50's, so I let myself take rest day #2 for the week, and spent it curled up with a book.
Today, however, the rain has stopped and it's in the 60's again. It's still gloomy looking, but I've ran in FAR worse. Plus, there are no more rest days left for this week, so my choices were to either run 2 miles or bike for 45 minutes. I had myself all ready for the bike, but I re-evaluated, and decided to bike tomorrow when I would already be biking to and from work.
I really did try to shake off the whiny attitude while I was out there. I wanted to enjoy it. But, all I wanted to do was curl back up with that book from yesterday. So, I got through the 2 miles. 2 junk miles, but 2 miles nonetheless.

Side note: Previously here, I had been adding up my mileage going Sunday-Saturday, with the totals resetting on Sunday. However, I looked at my training plan today, and I realized that I wrote that with the week totals going from Monday-Sunday. So, from this point on, that is how my mileage is going to be recorded.

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