Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/10--Remember that day...?

...when I woke up thinking it was going to be a normal day? And then I saw that we had no power, the heat wasn't working, and it was way cold? I spent most of the morning in the Houghton McDonalds, nursing a medium coffee, using the free WiFi, and trying to not look like a homeless bum camping out for the day. I wound up there until just before 1, and unfortunately ate. Twice. The first time around wasn't SO bad... I had the fruit and walnut salad thing, coffee, and a hashbrown for a "treat".
When I was still there at lunchtime, the Boyfriend escaped the clutches of the university that currently owns a large portion of his soul and joined me. That's when the McNuggets and fries came in to play. Hey, I wanted the Monopoly pieces.
Yeah, so not worth it. I came home, and repeated the "sit in the box and feel shame" routine.

I needed to run. I needed to do something. I had to balance out what I just did to myself.
Run? Ok... welllll....
I had tentatively set my plan for my double digit run for the middle of this week. Then, as I mentioned, the weather decided to get fun. This was this morning:
No, that white stuff was not junk on my iPod screen (though I thought so at first and got really frustrated when it wasn't coming off). Hello, snowflakes...
This is right now:
So, 2 degrees took it from snow to cold rain. Fantastic.
Now, I know last winter I was running in worse. Hell, didn't I run just before an expected winter storm last May? Well, yes. However, there is an adjustment period, at least for me. Besides, 10 miles in this? That sounds not only unpleasant, but not smart.
So, will the double digit happen? Yes, but not today. Today, I hung out with Bob again. I'm really finding that the videos on his site are a great alternative to my outdoor runs on days like today. I'm still doing something, and I'm working on muscle groups I don't normally work on, so that's an added bonus!
I did about 30 minutes worth of activities, but the hardest were by far the previously mentioned core workout of doom and the boxing challenge. Instead of weights, I used soup cans--hey, use what you've got, right?
(For the record, I cannot decide if me learning how to use PhotoBooth was a great thing or a horrible, horrible thing...)
So, while today was pretty much off-kilter and not what I expected/wanted... I still was somewhat productive... right?
OK, I'm off. Have fun, all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24/10--Is it OK...?

Today's run: 5 miles (49:24)
Week to date: 5 miles
Month to date: 35 miles

So... yeah.
I didn't run at all last week. Not one single mile, not one single day. And, I am not proud of myself at all, because this week was a lot of pouting, eating bad things or not eating at all. Instead of dealing with my problems like a mature, healthy, active adult, I went back to being a petulant teenager/college student with all of the nasty behavior (and spontaneous crying jags to boot).
And you know what? I'm owning this. I can't pretend this didn't happen, and jump back in to my routine here of making the best meal choices I can think of and trying to hit mileage goals like I didn't revert back to my old self for a week.

I'm owning it, but I'm moving forward.
Or, so I wanted to, anyway.
I set out on a 5 mile run this morning, after this exchange went on in my head for a good half hour:
The Slacker: Uuuuhnnggnnhhh, it's so cold and damp and dreary outside. I don't want to run.
The Inner-Coach-Mom: So? Go run.
tS: Uuhhmmnngghhgghhh, but my pjs are so comfy... can'tI just go longer tomorrow?
tICM: You said that yesterday. Go run.
tS: Uunnnhhhggghhhnnhhggghhhh, but what if I get shot by someone out hunting?
tICM: WHAT? You're just making stuff up now. Wear bright colors and GO RUN!
tS: Uhhhhnnnnngghhguuhgggnnnhhggnhhhh, FINE.

(If anyone reading is unfamiliar with how it works, when you're running in an area that there may be people hunting (which in the UP is pretty much anywhere...), you're supposed to wear blaze orange, or at the very least something bright colored that screams, "Hey, I'm not an animal, don't shoot me!)
At least it gives me a reason to wear this shirt:
Oh, the things we do for love...
So, I finally got out the door, and I decided something: Let's see how fast I can do this! I did 8 miles the other day in 1:17 and change.... let's see if I can do a 5 miler in 45! I mean, I'm not talking a blistering pace here, I'm talking barely sub-9's.
Yeah. That SO didn't happen. I felt like I was running through Jell-O out there, and I came back in a blistering 49:24. So, instead of running barely-sub-9's, I ran just-barely-sub-10's. I ran slower than I ran last week on the 8 miler. I ran slower than I ran a freaking 13.1 miler!
I'm going to view it as punishment for my behavior last week. I am better than this, and your body can't do the absurd things you ask of it on a Sunday morning if you haven't done anything to help it along for the previous week.
I sit in the box and I feel shame.
OK. Time to play lunch delivery service for the Boyfriend--he's alone at work today and can't leave to get food. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

10/16/10--And Then I Did...

Today's run: 8 miles (1:17:??)
Week to date: 15 miles
Month to date: 30 miles
Just over halfway through October, and I'm well on the way to my goal of 50 miles! I can't lie, I'm pretty happy about that.
It has been a long week, and there are a few more ahead of me. And, one of the best ways for me to sort out my thoughts and get through long weeks is a long run. So, I went on one, and it was great.
And then I bought myself a present:

My first ugly green juice since this summer. Happy Sweetest Day, self. I love you, and you did great on your run today. Keep going and stay strong through these next few weeks. I can't promise you this will be all worth it in the end, but let's keep hoping it will be together, OK?

And, I leave you today with this. I got it off of a blog I love, and it is now my desktop background.

Have a great day, all! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Today's run: 3 miles
Week to date: 3 miles
Month to date: 18.1 miles

This was a completely unremarkable, average 3 mile run. It took a borderline herculean effort to get me to actually go, though. It was a long, super fun, but very tiring weekend, and I'm certainly still feeling it today. I slept for almost 10 hours, and still had a hard time waking up and getting moving.
Also, the first time I was dressed to go, I got a phone call and then spent the next hour arranging travel and lodging for a 3 day sub stint back in MQT for the end of this week. On the plus side, I have 9 subbing days lined up--the rest of this week, and all of next week! And, I get to go back to MQT and run on the trails there for the first time since the race :) The downside is spending all of those days away from Brandon, but it's not like I'm not used to that or anything.
OK. Off to be productive. Have a great Columbus Day, and Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

10/8/10--Curse you, Bob Harper...

Today's run: 4 miles
Week to date: 15.1 miles
Month to date: 15.1 miles

First off, check out this weather!!

I know, right!
So, here's what I wore to run on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend:

Aaaand, here's what I wore on October 8th, around the time we usually see our first measurable snowfall in the UP:

Yeah, exactly.
(My apologies for the messy apartment shot. I don't even want to start that rant.)

In other news, today's run freaking hurt. Why? Because two days ago, I tried this:

Yeah. Move one was a "Speedskater deconstruction", where you mimicked the motions used in speedskating. Move two was a core challenge for 4 different exercises performed from a plank position. The third was a series of squats, and the 4th was the killer: 50 "Genghis Khan" burpees.
Yeah. Intense. 2 days later, I'm still so sore, I'm modifying coughs because my abs are still screaming at me. You never realize how much you really depend on your core muscles until each and every one is screaming at you whenever you do anything. So, needless to say, the run was kind of a painful one.
However, today a run was essential. I'm a little anxious Annie here! Tonight is the regular season hockey opener for both my college and the boyfriend's. We go/went to rival schools, and we're playing each other. Yeah, just a little anxious over here for that one. It should be fun, though, and if nothing else, it means I get to return to Marquette and see friends! :D
All right. Food. Shower. Pack. Go! Owwww....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/5/10-Do Something Epic

Today's run: 3.1 miles
Week to date: 11.1 miles
Month to date: 11.1 miles

Remember this hill?
Well, today, I got a brilliant idea after needing to blow off some steam.
Angry, epic Lindsey says, "Let's do this. Maybe afterwards, you'll feel more like this:"

So, off I went. It was a mile and a half of rolling side street and dirt road to get there. I got there, and briefly considered backing out, as that sucker is downright intimidating. Then I remembered what had me so irked this morning, and up I went.
I'll admit this: it was more of a walk/shuffle/crawl to the top. It was wet, slippery, muddy, and sandy, and my footing was scary and dicey at best. I was determined, though, and I dragged myself to the top. And, let me tell you, it was worth it:
Picture that, but only morning, and all the greens are shades of orange, yellow, and red. Freaking amazing, and it never fails to help me center myself and realize how small my problems really are when I'm in a place like that looking out at a view like that. I hung around for about 5 minutes enjoying it all, then I shuffle/slid my way back down and headed home.
Now, I'm sweaty and dirty to boot, but I do feel less enraged.
Now, what next: food or shower? Hmmm...
Have a good day, all!

Monday, October 4, 2010

10/4/10--Get it!

Today's run: 6 miles
Week to date: 8 miles
Month to date: 8 miles

So, it has been a few weeks since I've blogged. There have been a few reasons for this. For one, I just haven't been running much. Between a week back "home" in Gwinn, resting my knee, and then recovering from another twisted ankle, I just plain haven't been running. I only logged 32.1 miles for September, less than half what I ran for the previous 2 months. I expected a lower total, given I wasn't training anymore, but I am quite disappointed with that number. Honestly, I can feel myself in some ways backsliding in to inactivity and a severe lack of motivation, and it needs to stop now. I have come too far this year and especially this summer to let myself go back to being as inactive as I had been.
So, I am giving myself a goal for October: 50 miles in this month. Of that, I want one of those runs to be a double-digit. I feel this is realistic--it's comparable to what I was doing in April and May, with the added challenge of a double-digit to keep me motivated to do the shorter runs in preparation.

As for today's run, it went well! It was the longest I have gone since the half (which was a month ago already! Crazy!!) My knees started getting a little sore around 4.5, but it wasn't bad at all. In fact, I even had enough gas left to put in a pretty good kick at the end! :) It was fun, and a beautiful morning to boot. All in all, a great run. :D

OK, this veggie-hummus sandwich can wait no longer--it must be housed. Have fun, all!
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