Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/10--Remember that day...?

...when I woke up thinking it was going to be a normal day? And then I saw that we had no power, the heat wasn't working, and it was way cold? I spent most of the morning in the Houghton McDonalds, nursing a medium coffee, using the free WiFi, and trying to not look like a homeless bum camping out for the day. I wound up there until just before 1, and unfortunately ate. Twice. The first time around wasn't SO bad... I had the fruit and walnut salad thing, coffee, and a hashbrown for a "treat".
When I was still there at lunchtime, the Boyfriend escaped the clutches of the university that currently owns a large portion of his soul and joined me. That's when the McNuggets and fries came in to play. Hey, I wanted the Monopoly pieces.
Yeah, so not worth it. I came home, and repeated the "sit in the box and feel shame" routine.

I needed to run. I needed to do something. I had to balance out what I just did to myself.
Run? Ok... welllll....
I had tentatively set my plan for my double digit run for the middle of this week. Then, as I mentioned, the weather decided to get fun. This was this morning:
No, that white stuff was not junk on my iPod screen (though I thought so at first and got really frustrated when it wasn't coming off). Hello, snowflakes...
This is right now:
So, 2 degrees took it from snow to cold rain. Fantastic.
Now, I know last winter I was running in worse. Hell, didn't I run just before an expected winter storm last May? Well, yes. However, there is an adjustment period, at least for me. Besides, 10 miles in this? That sounds not only unpleasant, but not smart.
So, will the double digit happen? Yes, but not today. Today, I hung out with Bob again. I'm really finding that the videos on his site are a great alternative to my outdoor runs on days like today. I'm still doing something, and I'm working on muscle groups I don't normally work on, so that's an added bonus!
I did about 30 minutes worth of activities, but the hardest were by far the previously mentioned core workout of doom and the boxing challenge. Instead of weights, I used soup cans--hey, use what you've got, right?
(For the record, I cannot decide if me learning how to use PhotoBooth was a great thing or a horrible, horrible thing...)
So, while today was pretty much off-kilter and not what I expected/wanted... I still was somewhat productive... right?
OK, I'm off. Have fun, all!

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  1. I hate that most about winter in the south. It never snows, just cold rain. Cold rain is the WORST!

    And don't fret the food. It was one day. :)

    Sorry I have to keep commenting using my old wordpress account! -Tina


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