Friday, October 8, 2010

10/8/10--Curse you, Bob Harper...

Today's run: 4 miles
Week to date: 15.1 miles
Month to date: 15.1 miles

First off, check out this weather!!

I know, right!
So, here's what I wore to run on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend:

Aaaand, here's what I wore on October 8th, around the time we usually see our first measurable snowfall in the UP:

Yeah, exactly.
(My apologies for the messy apartment shot. I don't even want to start that rant.)

In other news, today's run freaking hurt. Why? Because two days ago, I tried this:

Yeah. Move one was a "Speedskater deconstruction", where you mimicked the motions used in speedskating. Move two was a core challenge for 4 different exercises performed from a plank position. The third was a series of squats, and the 4th was the killer: 50 "Genghis Khan" burpees.
Yeah. Intense. 2 days later, I'm still so sore, I'm modifying coughs because my abs are still screaming at me. You never realize how much you really depend on your core muscles until each and every one is screaming at you whenever you do anything. So, needless to say, the run was kind of a painful one.
However, today a run was essential. I'm a little anxious Annie here! Tonight is the regular season hockey opener for both my college and the boyfriend's. We go/went to rival schools, and we're playing each other. Yeah, just a little anxious over here for that one. It should be fun, though, and if nothing else, it means I get to return to Marquette and see friends! :D
All right. Food. Shower. Pack. Go! Owwww....


  1. I like Bob's ink. And yeah, that workout looks like it SUX! But damn, core workouts feel so good in the long run. Good work, runner chick!

  2. Haha, thanks!
    The craziest part is that I'm planning on doing it again! I'm going to scale it down a bit, but doing that really showed me how much I need to start working on my core.


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