Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday's run: 3 miles
Week to date: 19 miles
Month to date: 59 miles

Whoa. I'm going to break 70 miles on the month?? I don't know if I've ever done that before. Ever. Wow. Just, wow.

Anyway. I didn't blog yesterday because things like eating, showering, and curling up with a beer, the boyfriend, and about 320942034980 stupid timewaster websites sounded so much better. That and I just plan forgot. Oh well.
So, Brandon was here, and he wanted to run with me. (I guess a combination of how I'm doing and how even being just a bit more active has helped him with hockey has inspired him to run more, which is awesome.) I got just the slightest bit disheartened because the last time we ran together (a 2 miler up in Houghton), I kept up with him the whole time and even out kicked him at the end. Though, to be fair, last time I was fresh and he was still sore from a run he had taken a few days earlier. This week, it was back to normal--he was off like a rocket and I hung behind. Still, it was a good quality 3 miler. SO close to 20 on the week. So close I can feel it! This week might be my week, though. I have my 1st 10 miler on Tuesday (I felt that particular day was appropriate), and I'm doing it in Houghton again so Brandon can bike along. I'm sure I can find some time to split up 10 more miles along the way. :)
That's all for today! Have fun, kids! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

7/22/10-- Deux Cents Trois

Today's run: 8 miles
Week to date: 16 miles
Month to date: 56 miles!!

Oh, and year to date: 203.75 :D

I'm not saying today's run was easy. No, it definitely was not easy. However, it was easier than my long runs have been before. I'm definitely getting stronger, and it's fantastic. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*blows the dust off*

Oh! Hello, blog!
Sorry I've been so neglectful of this. Time to catch up, but where to start.
~June was, well, not the greatest month in terms of running. Between bike crashes, weddings (not mine, my friend/former roommate's), graduations, doctor's appointments (again, not mine), and literally being on the road/out of town more than I was home, I didn't run much, and what I did was only OK at best. June's mileage total was 26.8 miles, which is pretty dismal when you compare it to what I did in May.

July, however, wow. July, as much as I generally don't like this month, has been pretty damn amazing in terms of running. I'm already at 48 miles for the month. Among those 48 are my first 8 and 9 mile runs. :) Brief recaps:
8: This was the first time I really realized just how far this half marathon is going to be, and the first time I wished I had someone out there with me. Normally, I'm all about the solo run to clear my head and all, but this time, well... I just wanted someone to talk to. This run also came with a bit of bribery. I dragged my lazy arse out the door, promising myself if I finished I could have Border Grill as a reward/treat. Well, somewhere around mile 5 or 6, my bribe was upped, and I said that I could have Rice Paddy instead. Let me tell you, Cream Cheese Wontons and Ginger Chicken can make a girl do just about anything, and hot damn if they didn't taste incredible! My back really hurt afterward, though, but that passed after about 12 hours.
9: This long run found me in a different location: Houghton, MI, where my boyfriend is currently living. He was along for this adventure, playing the role of bike escort, water boy, Gu carrier, and overall moral and general support staff. Let me tell you, I can't tell you the last time I felt that appreciative of him. Having him there was great, and once I told him to not follow directly behind me, but go on ahead, he was absolutely perfect. He carried his CamelBak, and would run along side me while I drank so I didn't have to stop. The trail was, well, so-so. Part of it was great, but part of it (where there had been disputes with the property owners) was non-existent. I was literally running through people's backyards. I'm not cool with that. This run was followed by a large bottle of Fruit Punch Powerade (strangely, the only "sports drink" that I like), and 3 epic, large, homemade soft tacos. What can I say? Will run for food.

I do have to say this: the half marathon almost wasn't going to happen. I was looking at my finances, and there wasn't exactly an extra $85 just lying around for race registration. Enter Coach Mom. She and my father are giving me the entry fee as a birthday present (yeah, that unfortunate event is coming up next week, the big 2-5. Ugh.) I was so happy and grateful, I cried. It's also given me an additional inspiration for training: I don't want my parents to have made a bad investment in me. I will make them proud.

OK, it's time to get ready for work. I promise, this will be updated better now.
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