Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ninja SWAT Cat-Burglar Runner Girl!

Today's run: 4 miles
Week to date: 4 miles
Month to date: 19 miles

Hello, all!
Thankfully, a day of laying around watching Jersey Shore and drinking tea did the trick. I was eating normally again by dinnertime and woke up this morning feeling 100% better than I did yesterday!
And STARVING! My appetite is back with a vengeance. I knew I needed a good breakfast to refuel myself and get ready for a run, so I pushed back my starting time and devoured this crazy concoction:
2 waffles, smeared with PB, topped with sliced banana and drizzled with honey. I slapped them together in to a sandwich and devoured it. Deee-licious.
I also wanted to wait just a bit before heading out, because this is what I faced this morning:
Just another day in paradise, eh?
So, I waited... but I was being tortured by this view. Who wouldn't want to be out in this sunshine?

So, I went and ran anyway, and I layered up BIG time! The final list included:
-Moisture wicking t-shirt
-long-sleeve shirt
-2 fleeces
-2 pairs of tights
-thick pink socks
-2 pairs of gloves
-down vest
and, the newest toy in my arsenal, a neoprene face mask.

As people said on Facebook, I looked like a ninja, cat-burglar, or SWAT team member!
But, I was warm, and that's the important thing. In fact, I daresay I was too warm at points. The face mask is a great addition, but I had big time condensation going on! My face was wet the entire run, and it gathered and froze on my eyelashes! Sadly, even with my refueling attempts, I still felt very flat and blah during my 4 miles, but I got a bit mental rush from realizing it was below zero and I was out running. One more Up-North-Runner merit badge for me!
So, my missed day yesterday means I need to reconnoiter my training plan for this week. The original plan was 4 Monday, 6 Tuesday, cross Wednesday, 4 Thursday, and then move the 6 scheduled for Saturday to Friday so I wouldn't have to worry about trying to run while I'm out of town this weekend. But, now with yesterday missed and my YMCA orientation on Thursday, I moved the 4 to today (I thought that was safer after being sick), 6 to tomorrow, cross to Thursday, and kept that second 6 on Friday. I'll bring stuff for running with me on the trip--if it happens, it happens. If not, then I only lose 4 miles on the week, which is not life or death at this point. This plan was made to be flexible, and thank goodness for that!
Have any of you been through the YMCA orientation? What should I expect?
Also, I'm pretty excited about the classes they offer, and I'm looking for suggestions for fun cross-training activities. What is your favorite cross-training? Any class suggestions?
Did you enter the Hungry Runner Girl's Giveaway?  Because you should. :)


  1. OMG - that's cold! You're brave to weather such cold. I went to the gym this morning... :)
    My favorite XT is Spinning class. I started it last fall when I was rehabbing a stress fracture in my foot - and now I'm totally hooked!

  2. I totally rock the face mask too haha, we are so cool! I am newly OBSESSED with Jersey Shore. Seriously, its bad how much time I waste on it haha.

  3. Nice outdoor running getup!! I hate those running masks. Mine gets so wet and gross. It is 35 degrees this morning here. I'm considering shorts....

    Favorite crosstraining. Biking outside in the summer, spinning in the winter. I would love to try a body pump class but we don't have one around here.

    Have a great Sunday:)


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