Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today's run: 2 miles
Week total to date: 2 miles
Month total to date: 2 miles
Lent total to date: 18 miles

OK. I said I wouldn't slack again and I did. Well, sort of. I did have a big change hit on March 1--I started an 8 week long-term subbing job. Getting in to the groove of the Mon-Fri work week again after the slack fest that was January and February was rough. Then, Thursday of that first week, I hit some ice in the school parking lot and ate pavement, resulting in a nicely screwed up ankle. It took about a week for all the soreness to go away.
But, today, it was just too nice to sit in my living room. Spring is visiting the UP a bit earlier than usual. (I say visiting because, well, I've lived here for 6 years now. We're gonna get one or two more good cold snaps and snow storms before we can call it true spring around early May.) I had to get out there. And it was pretty great. I over dressed a little and was really warm by the end, but it was awesome.
Also, Daylight Savings Time freaking rules. I'm OK with losing an hour, I'm OK with readjusting my inner clock. It's worth it knowing it'll be light until almost 8 now. That means I don't have to run right after school if I want daylight. I have more time. That is hopefully going to help SO much. :)
And, as for the Lent challenge--I'm going to try and get as close as I can, but I can't see the full 120 happening. Not giving up, not by any means, but just being realistic.

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