Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Bit of Bragging, and Happy Monday!


To start, my usual round of number crunching:
Today's run: 8.4 miles
Week to date: 8.4 miles (Happy Monday!)
Month to date: 50.68 miles

I am overall pretty pleased with that last number, and with the first one, too! It certainly wasn't a speedy 8.4, but it was 8.4! I knew I wanted to go 8ish today because I crunched all the numbers yesterday, and that was what I needed to hit 50 miles on the month. (Actually, it was 7.7, but I rounded up.) I took off way more time than I should have in January, so I wanted to make up some ground and hit that 50 point.
And, what a day to do it in, eh?
I know the tagline for my blog here is "Up North Running Adventures", and I felt like today definitely fit that bill:
-I was wearing 4 layers on top, 2 on bottom, thick socks, a hat, gloves, and a bandanna over my face.
-3 inches of standing snow on the Lake Walk trail.
-Jumping in to the snowbank to not get hit by the plow clearing the trail.
-Running during yet another weather alert.

Oh, what fun. :)

In other news...

I've decided to start something new here. It's no secret that Mondays can be kind of a downer at times, especially coming off a good weekend. With that thought in mind, I bring you "Happy Monday!", in which I post a short list of things that are making me happy at the moment. Big things, small things, silly things, serious things, any thing that I find bringing a smile to my face can be on this list.
So, here are a few things that are making me happy this Monday!


My sister sent me a link to this site last night, and there went my evening. I can't even really accurately describe it, you just have to check it out!
2. Pop/Soda

I know, I can hear the healthy living bloggers and health experts nationwide groaning at this. For the record, I haven't been the biggest pop/soda drinker in my life. However, I cut out all beer/wine/spirits after the new year until I'm done training for Bayshore (and perhaps longer, we'll see). I felt very left out at one point last weekend when Brandon bought himself a really good craft beer we both enjoy, so I was given this as a consolation gift. It's a Jamaican style ginger ale, and it's really different and pretty good. We also tried a red apple soda that was good but maybe just a hair too sweet. And, I'm not drinking these everyday--I'm treating them like a dessert, so one every couple of days. Also, when I have a pop/soda these days, I'm trying to make it a unique, craft soda, not your standard big name ones.

3. My Kindle
(Yeah, it's sideways. Oh well.)
Anyway, I received this little guy for Christmas from the inlaws-to-be. I know a lot of the English major community has kind of shunned this device, but you know what? I never fit in with that crowd anyway. I love it. I absolutely love this thing. I already have a bookshelf that is groaning and bursting at the seams, so to be able to have a device about the size of a small notepad that I can pack full of even more literary goodness is awesome beyond knowing. I've gone through 2 books since I got it (Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi and Once a Runner by John L. Parker) and I'm working through 3 more right now. Like I said, the Kindle is book nerd love.

What's making you smile this Monday?


  1. those are such great numbers! except the weather...eesh! suposidly we're in for another big storm this week. but lately it's all been missing us and hitting the east coast. so we're at 0 snow days...and they've had about a million. can you tell that i'm a teacher who likes her days off?

    today your comment made me happy!

    happy monday!!

  2. Great month! Fantastic job and brrr it sounds cold there!!

  3. AHHHH!!! Great job woman, you rocked January! I am so excited for Happy way to start the week:) I want a kindle so bad!

  4. As much as ive hated being couldnt have come at a better season..blizzard warnings in WI today!

  5. Shoot, it's Tuesday. Missed this! It is back to -30 this week. I hate MN right now. Perhaps I should start something on my blog called Shitty Tuesday...Kidding-love the Happy Monday idea!

    Nice work on the run! I obviously wasn't an English major and I want a Kindle!! Have a great day:)

  6. Happy Monday is such a good idea!! Everyone needs cheering up on Mondays! :)

    HATE all of this snow!!!


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