Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Week That Was


I swear, every day this week after my run, I sat down and meant to blog. Then, I would get sucked in to Facebook, or the USCHO forums, or any one of the 329042570498 blogs I've been reading.
So, time to recap!
This was "The Week That Was..."

1. Deadly
That is, if you were any of the pieces of technology I owned. In a 48 hour span, my iPod, my laptop, and my cell phone all went to the big electronics store in the sky. :( The iPod was a casualty in a massive tea spill, the laptop has been trying to die for months and finally succeeded, but the phone? No idea. It went from working fine, to giving me weird error messages, to not working at all. I wound up getting a $15 go-phone at Wal-Mart that is straight out of 2002, but it's better than no phone at all, right?

2. Culinary
I think part of the reason I didn't post was because I spent so much time in the freaking kitchen this week! This week, I've made: my own chicken tenders (success!), vanilla pudding from scratch (super success!), focaccia (sort of--it was premade pizza crust that I added other stuff to, but still, I tried!), the most amazing chocolate chip cookies (from this recipe), and candied oranges (modified from this recipe... jury is still out on these...) (side note: I've been reading Jenna's blog for ages, and I love it. Love love love what she does.) And, I've made dinner almost every night this week. I am really finding my groove in the kitchen, and I'm having an absolute blast doing it! Now, I just need more Duluthian friends to come over and eat this stuff!!

3. Warmer!
The temperatures FINALLY picked up this week! There were still some killer winds off the lake (especially Tuesday! I was shivering so much on my walk home--it felt worse than when I walked to the post office when it was below 0 last Friday!) but it was overall much nicer this week. I even saw 31 degrees on a downtown thermometer Friday! That's a 57 degree difference from the week before. All without breaking the freezing mark... the weather in this state is unreal. Maybe that's why Minnesotans talk about the weather so much. (Or, so I've heard from my Minnesotan friends. I talk about the weather all the time, too, so maybe I was born to be a Minnesotan!)

4. High (for me) Mileage!
I feel silly saying this, because I know some of you out there have run more miles in a single day than I put in during a whole week, but for this little runner, this was a pretty big week in terms of mileage. I had a chat via Facebook with Coach Mom about my training plan, and she said I still have a couple weeks to go before I start, but reminded me that I need to be running 4-5 times a week, 3-5 miles each time. This week, I put in 4 good runs (so far, I still have tomorrow!) and I'm at 18. Breakdown looks like this:

Monday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: rest (crazy headaches... boo!)
Thursday: 4 miles (originally planned 3, but I felt good, so I kept going!) + some Bob Harper. That core thing is KILLER.
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: little bit of Yoga
Week to date: 18 miles
Month to date: 36.9 miles

I'm getting there--2 days to get that number a bit higher!

So, that was my week! How was yours?

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