Friday, February 19, 2010

2/19/10--an exploration with timing.

Time goes, you say? Ah no!
Alas, Time stays, we go.
~Henry Austin Dobson

Today's run: 2 miles
Week total to date: 8 miles
Month total to date: 8 miles
Lent total to date: 8 miles

Today, I decided to do a time trial to see where I was at. Looking back, I should have gone to NMU and used the track or something, but I used my usual 2 mile out-and-back instead. The issues: 1. a significant hill at the very beginning/end of the route; 2. 4 total street crossings, and a mouth-breathing cretin local population who wouldn't know what a crosswalk was if it was beat in to them. But, rants aside--the clock is the clock, and after the 2 miles, the clock read 20:55. Now, I'm not sure which angle to take when looking at this. On one hand, I can see the Lindsey who ran in the Big North Conference finals her senior year pointing and laughing at this. On the other hand, this re-incarnation of Lindsey-as-a-runner is in her infancy, and hasn't been doing this long. So, shame? Pride? Indifference? Perhaps, I'll look at this as a starting point. I'll log some more miles, and in a week or two I'll do it again and see if I can't shave some time off.

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  1. you know what, though? that's still not a bad time for two miles. you read how brandon and i run a lot and we're still in that time range for many of our runs* and this is after a couple years of running for us!

    don't look at your time and get upset because your former self could have done better. screw that. you aren't that same person anymore. you've grown and changed in better ways. i would think, if anything, that lindsey would be proud you started running again!

    *and we do it with probably more hills and at higher altitude so HA. ;)


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