Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random thought.

I was basing my choice for my half on others being able to attend. The more I think... no. This is about me and me alone. To hell with who can and can't be there.

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  1. ... but if you choose vegas you'll have friends! granted, it will be you and you alone, but that's technically what it'll be for brandon and i, too. though on occasion we do stick together for races, we're running separately for that one.

    plus, it's awesome seeing people you know at the finish line of a big race. in my first tri, i beat my friends but was happy to see my parents. i also know that my friends were incredibly glad to see me there at the finish cheering them on.

    i'm not saying we'll beat you (rather, you'll probably beat us), but it's nice sharing that experience with people, particularly those who have experienced it themselves. :)


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