Monday, February 22, 2010


Today's run: 4 miles
Week total to date: 6 miles
Month total to date: 14 miles
Lent total to date: 14 miles

It was All-Star toque day. :D Last year, when helping out with the local university's men's hockey team, I got it as a gift. I've started wearing it on days when I need that extra oomph--how can you not want to kick ass when you're wearing an NHL All-Star toque?
Also, for some reason, 4 miles just feels like a significant run for me. I can't explain it, but I always feel a little extra "heck yes!" after I finish a 4 miler.
We have a winter storm watch out for tomorrow night going in to Wednesday. I've been spoiled for the last few days with sun and relatively warm temps. I'm gonna probably do another 4 mile run tomorrow to bank a little mileage in case I can't get out on Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. when I wear my tri shirt that I got last year for completing my triathlon, I feel the same way. It's one of those things that just boosts your mind and spirit. :-)

    Nice job thus far.

  2. i'm like that on 4milers ... especially because i can handle that distance without walking now! over 4 (like a 4.69 loop i have) ... that's a different story.


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