Friday, September 3, 2010

9/3/10--It's the Day Before the Night Before the Half...

...and I'm busy, busy, busy freaking out!
Beyond the standard "Day before a big race" nerves, I'm dealing with weather worries. The NWS has released a Lakeshore Flooding Statement, meaning that there are going to be HUGE waves that could flood part of the course. This warning is issued a lot in Marquette, and sometimes it's more of a precautionary measure than anything. However, add in the irrational nerves of the Day Before the Night Before, and you have a full blown panic storm.
In other panic news, Brandon can't get out of work until 6. So, between getting home, getting ready, and loading the car we're looking at an ETD of 6:30 PM. That doesn't get us in to Marquette until roughly 8:30, with only a half hour left of packet pick up. Also, since sunset is about 8:45 anyway and it's supposed to be cloudy and rainy, we're going to be setting up in the dark. Not exactly the most restful and relaxing night before, and that's if everything goes right.
Honestly, I'm so preoccupied with the other details, I'm not even thinking about the race itself! How messed up is that? Maybe it's because that is the last thing on my mind. I know I've put the work in. I know I can do it, and given the opportunity I will. I am going to do great, as long as I get there and get the chance!

Deep breaths, Lindsey Ann. Deep breaths. It will be OK, things will be fine... I hope.
*Closes eyes, takes a deep breath, hangs head*


  1. so when are we going to see your race recap?? :-p

  2. I am working on it right now! With Blogger's quirks and all the photos, it's taking a while.


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