Thursday, September 9, 2010

9/9/10--Draggin' that Wagon...

Today's run: 3 miles
Week to date: 5 miles
Month to date: 20.1 miles

It is another fall-like day in the UP!

I headed out for a 3 mile run this morning, thinking that after yesterday I might have shaken off the sore and tired feeling left over from the race. Unfortunately, I was only half right. My muscles were no longer noticeably sore, but I could definitely still feel lingering fatigue. OK, it might not be lingering fatigue 5 days later, but my muscles still felt tired and it felt like I was dragging. I tried to put it out of my mind and be positive on the run, but I kept coming back to that.
I'm also freaking out a bit about mileage now that I'm done training. I really liked running at the mileage level I was at over the summer, but I'm realizing I don't need to be running like that anymore now that I'm not training. Is only going 10-13 miles a week going to feel like enough now, though? I don't know, but I'm leaning toward probably not, at least at first because I am so used to the higher mileage. But, I am going to tell myself to calm down, and that it's OK for me to not run as much right now. My goal, however, is to consistently average 15 miles per week this fall. I LOVED how I felt on weeks that I ran that much before, and I think that is a good goal for me.


  1. Training is everything for me as a runner. I've run plenty of races, but the training is what keeps me fit. Races come and go, but training is forever, lol!

    I've never been to the UP of Michigan. I was in Ann Arbor one day in early February, Walking across campus at about 2 AM I thought I would die from the cold. It's the coldest I've ever been. Visiting where you live would only happen if I had a real death wish :-)

  2. Dr J,

    That is a great viewpoint! Training is forever--even if you're not on a set training plan with a distinct race on the calendar, you're still training!

    And the UP isn't so bad ;) It's actually nice this time of the year! :D

  3. It will probably not feel like enough for awhile in comparison to what you were doing, but keep in mind its better for your body to not overdo it. It's keeping you healthy. :) Eventually it will feel like the norm and all good.


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