Monday, November 15, 2010

11/15/10 pt 1--Winter Wonderland

I promise there will be a workout update at some point today, but I just have to share some photos of this weekend and this morning.
This weekend, the snow finally arrived, as did my best friends! Our college was playing the local/rival/Boyfriend's college this weekend, so they came up to visit.

Christy and me

Jacki and Christy--my beautiful besties!
While we were freezing in the stands, the VIP's of MTU were able to watch the game from the warmth of their cars

It was snowing HARD during the game, so some action had to be taken to keep the lines visible:
First, they tried shovels, but when they proved ineffective, the Kybota-plow came out to play
I think the shoveling/plows were more entertaining than the "band" and their "halftime show"... until the whole herd of them dropped and made snow angels.

The snow changed to rain after we left (which was just after halftime--we were frozen and soaked), but it picked back up last night, and we woke up to this in the Copper Country this morning:
Also, game photos are courtesy of Jacki
All the snow has left this song stuck in my head!

The solid 5 inches we have on the ground have me sorting through YouTube and My Trainer Bob videos for a backup plan, for which I will provide an update later!

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