Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/10 pt 1--Catch Up Post

Saturday's run: 5 miles
Last week total: 13.1 miles (hahah!)
Month to date: 33.6 miles

Well, I did one last run in TC for the holiday week/end. I did a 5 miler along the TART in TC.

That's the same trail I ran during summer training and early season for Cross Country back in high school, and also during my brief stints of running during breaks in college. If I had a dollar for every mile I've put in along that trail in my lifetime...
Anyway, it was pretty cold that day. I had a fantastic tailwind going out, but the headwind coming back was vicious!! Assistant Coach Little Sister gave some guidance as I went--my arms were all out of whack, so she guided me so they were more relaxed. She also informed me that I was not going nearly as slow as I thought I was. I have no idea what my time was--I wasn't timing, nor was the Coaching Staff, but it felt fantastic! :)

I also have some amazing news! :) Santa-Coach Mom came early this year! :)


I'm registered for half-marathon #2!! :D
The Bayshore Marathon is an amazing race in my hometown! I've been wanting to run one of the races there since I was 14 and worked an aid station with my track team. One of Coach Mom's (former?) runners posted on her Facebook Friday afternoon that she was signed up, even though official registration doesn't open until Wednesday. She told CM that people could register early over the weekend by stopping in at Running Fit  in Downtown TC. After the Coaching Staff sent out a flurry of text messages, we headed downtown to sign up! After I asked nicely, Coach Mom agreed to cover my entry cost as a Christmas present!! :) I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! Like I said, this is the race I've been wanting to do for over 10 years now! To know that it is actually going to happen this year makes me so beyond happy!
Bayshore 2011, here I come!! :D
OK--I need to find a safe spot to go run. See you later today! :)

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