Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/10 pt 2--Ice and Snow

Today's run: 4 miles
Week to date: 4 miles
Month to date: 37.6 miles

Today's weather:
(Lies. I saw sun TWICE the entire time.)

What I wore:

I was almost too warm in that. My hands definitely got warm.

So. Houghton. You and I are fighting. Your trail is buried under the 8 inches of snow, as are most of your public parking lots. And the sidewalks? Ice. Iceiceice. Needless, my run today was a challenge just because of that. I had to change my route a bit. For example, instead of starting at Chutes-and-Ladders Park, I started downtown by the Suomi Cafe and ran along Lakeshore Drive to the park (no sidewalk, very slippery shoulder) and back. Then, I dodged the shoppers and other pedestrians along Shelden Ave and College Ave. My route was to take me along Cliff Drive behind Michigan Tech's campus, but that was a nightmare! After my 3rd near miss with a car, I decided to take my chances running through campus. They at least had done a decent job cleaning things up: 

This meant dodging students though, and that was decidedly awkward. I felt like I was getting looks that said, "Who is this freaky girl and what is she doing running through campus?" At least I wasn't wearing NMU gear today...
I then headed back down College and Shelden to my truck. No injuries, thank goodness, though I'm left with the distinct feeling that pre-training is going to be interesting up here. Coach Mom told me I should be averaging at least 15 miles per week leading up to the start of my training program that they're going to do for me. The Bill Nichols is currently buried, and Houghton streets felt so dangerous. I'm frustrated and concerned. But, in the infamous words of Tim Gunn, I'm just going to have to "make it work", right?
Besides, this is what I'm working toward:

And, I know every snowy, icy, student-dodging mile will be worth it in May.

Have a great day, all! 

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  1. You look too gorgeous to have just run!! I hate having to dodge people when I run...usually I end up falling! Great job on your running!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment earlier. I will start training in January with the team:)


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