Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today's run: 2 miles
Week to date: 5 miles
Month to date: 5 miles

It's been a morning.
Things got hairy with my subbing permit... long story short, I spent the morning playing e-mail tag to figure out what the heck was going on. Thankfully, it all got straightened out, and I'm once again headed back to the land of Wildcats and Ore Docks for 3 days.
I was feeling brave/ambitious/slightly cocky last night, so I tweeted this gem:

I meant it at the time. I wasn't, however, anticipating spending 3 hours playing e-mail tag, pulling my hair out, and looking like this:
So, realistically, I was not prepared for 10. I did know that I needed to do SOMETHING. So, I put on this:

and I took off running.
I was WAY too hot, though, because the weather was actually this, and not the 42 Weather.com told me:
So I only made it 2. I also realized I should really arrange car pool and a place to crash in Marquette, so I turned around sooner than I really wanted anyway so I could handle these details.
I hope your day is going better than mine. If you want to send e-hugs, those would be appreciated as well...

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  1. Girl, two is better than nothing!! I love the pictures, seriously you are adorable!! Sorry about the frustrating day with all of the emails.... I hate that!


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