Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11/23/10--Feels Like Home!

Today's run: 2 miles
Week to date: 2 miles
Month to date: 22.5 miles

Be it ever so humble... :)

Traverse City, how I've missed you!!
I opted to bolt while the weather was good and headed home for the Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. 7 hours alone in the car... blech! Thankfully, the weather held out, the roads were clear, and there was very little traffic until after I crossed the Mackinac Bridge.
I kicked the time home off with a bang last night! Assistant Coach Little Sister took me downstairs to show me some arm exercises I could do without weights. Ow. They were awesome, but I came upstairs this morning yelling, "Jillian! Jillian! You killed me, Jillian!"*
*Not my sister's name--I was comparing her to Jillian Michaels... though she was much much nicer than I'm sure Jillian would be!
This morning, I revisited my old friend, the treadmill. I wanted to do 3 miles, with 3 800's at my half pace. I only made it 2 before I felt this horrid sick to my stomach feeling and opted to stop. Hrmph.
All right, I should shower. Have a great day, all! :)

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