Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10--Out of the box...

Today's run: 3.08 miles
Week to date: 7.08 miles
Month to date: 40.68 miles

Another month complete! I thought it would be interesting to look at my monthly totals, so here they are:
January: 18.1
February: 16
March: 4 (Oh goodness...)
April: 37
May: 45.76
June: 26
July: 69.4
August: 70
September: 32.1
October: 35.1
November: 40.68

Yeah, I realize that most of those monthly totals are some people's WEEKLY totals, but that's OK. This is my journey, and even the smallest of those is better than what I had been doing before 2010. So, while they're not stellar compared to some, I'm proud, especially of from April on. It just shows how far I've come this year, and it makes me want to keep going.

Anyway, on to today's adventure!
The weather:

And the outfit: 
(Yup!! I decorated the apartment yesterday!)
And, it has made its triumphant seasonal return: the All-Star Toque! 

I had some fun while ransacking my winter clothes stash to find this hat:
First, I found my Grandpa's band jacket.
And then I found mine!
Then, I found something that is NOT mine, and that I do NOT approve of.

Eventually, I stopped playing with PhotoBooth and decided to, you know, actually go for a run.
I noticed on my drives to and from town yesterday and today that the shoulder of the highway was probably going to be my safest bet for running for a while. They were surprisingly clear, and it's not like it's a terribly busy stretch anyway. 
There was a bit of climb involved, too.

And boy, did I feel that coming back! It wasn't anything daunting, but just enough to feel.
I felt much safer today than I did yesterday. I don't think this will be a run I try right after a snowfall, but knowing HoCo, I think this will be safer than trying the streets in Houghton overall. Plus, the hills will only make me stronger in the end, right?

OK--time for breakfast! I had a basically empty peanut butter jar in the cupboard that I was saving just for some Oats-in-a-jar! :D
Have a great day, all!


  1. Your monthly totals are still impressive to me! And they are yours, which is all that matters. You rock. :)

  2. You are absolutely adorable. I love your grandpa's jacket. Awesome monthly summary.
    Thanks for sending in your birthday! I seriously see students everywhere and that is so cool that you keep in touch with the other teachers via facebook.

  3. yay michigan! ok, so i'm not from the UP, but i LOVE it up there. my hubby and i go backpacking up at pictured rocks lakeshore. seriously, its breathtaking. i can't imagine how much snow you guys must already have...we just got our first three inches and i threw myself a little party :)


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