Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/1/10--Strength Training Dance Party!

This sums it up:
It's not really THAT bad outside. I just didn't want to run out there.
So, I got brave and downloaded my first Yoga podcast. I've done a bit of Yoga here and there, but I'm still a very, very, very beginner.
Go, go, gadget iTunes!

Yogamazing was actually a great name for it--it was amazing! It was just slow enough where I could get the poses set, but not so slow that I got bored, which is always my concern with anything labeled "beginner". Some of those poses felt amazing, especially the ones that stretched my shoulder blades and back! Those are always so tight, so any relief is welcome there!
(Side note: if you aren't listening to the Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcasts, start. They are awesome.)
(And, yes, I listen to the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old one, too. Don't judge.)

Then, I changed gears entirely. I fired up a Cee-Lo Green station on Pandora and did some strength training.
Well... strength training/dance party...

(Probably best that I share that via still image. I'm not exactly known for my dancing skill...)
But, come on, how can this NOT get you up and dancing?? (Uh, lyrics somewhat NSFW, be warned...)

Between spurts of spastic dancing, I did actually do some arm work, featuring these:
Campbell's Select Harvest Soups--good for your health and fitness in more ways than one! One of those bad boys is going to be lunch or dinner later.
And as I wrapped up, the station played what I consider to be unofficially "our song", and I got a little sappy.
What can I say, I kinda like the kid. ;)

OK, that's enough nonsense for one day. Have a great one, all, and happy December! :)


  1. You are adorable. Love the dance party you had...and the soup cans=brilliant. Adorable picture of you and your man! Yay for yoga, it is far too cold.

  2. hey, i'm new to the blog! but, anyone who follows a yoga session (good tip for the itunes podcasts, i am gonna be hitting that up all winter long) with a dance-session + strength training is my kind of girl!

    love the pictures.

  3. I agree with Hungry Runner Girl, you are adorable!!! I wish I had that much fun when I worked out! LOL! As for my enthusiasm to run outside in the snow, that is sure to be short lived as this is my first winter running ever! Right now it's pretty but the novelty will wear off soon enough and I'm sure I'll be hitting the gym more oft then not... or maybe I'll download a podcast and get my dance party on! :)


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