Monday, December 6, 2010

12/6/10--More Snow and More Dogs

Today's run: 3.05 miles
Week to date: 3.05 miles
Month to date: 11.23 miles

So, remember yesterday, when I said that the cold and snowy day made it perfect for an off-day?
Well, welcome to today:

18. Feels like 6.  I don't know, maybe they were wrong about that, too, because they sure were wrong about the only being cloudy thing! Still, it was definitely cold!

So, I bundled up
and I went for it.

It was just as cold, windy, and snowy as I expected. I especially loved all the looks I was getting from the township workers out plowing. I also got to meet the two lovable dogs of a husband and wife pair out clearing their driveway. I'm not sure what kind they were, but they were big! And, once they realized I wasn't going to hurt anybody, I was their new BFF and they almost weren't going to let me leave! Their owners got them corralled back in to the garage, and I slipped out of sight before my new doggie BFFs could follow me on my snowy insanity.

Speaking of lovable dogs and snow...

Meet my "nephew", Assistant Coach Little Sister's Shih-Tzu, Dave. He's 8 months old, and he's having his first adventures with snow. Word from back home is that the little guy loves it. I've never been one for little dogs, but Davey stole my heart right away. I know he likes me, too--I had a little brown and white shadow while I was home for Thanksgiving, and he was trying really hard to come with me when I headed back up here!
OK, time to get warm! Have a great day, everyone!! :)


  1. yay for puppies! on my runs, i have found that dog behind fences are the loud ones. if they are loose and with their owners they are much less aggressive.

    insanity is a dvd program that was produced by the same people who did the p90 and p90x series. but instead of needing a lot of equipment, its based more on cardio and using your own body weight for some strength training. seriously, it kicks my tail daily.

  2. Okay, your nephew is the cutest thing ever. You are so hardcore for running in that weather. I love the bundled up pictures, you are adorable and your legs are so tiny! Great run!!

    P.S. I LOVED your list....girl, we have so many similarities! I want to know more about your hockey love!

  3. Yes, I love the looks I get from people when I'm out running in the winter. Cranked necks and dropped jaws which apparently impedes one's ability to move over on the road and give me a little space. Sense my hositility-ha! Congrats for getting out there!


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