Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/7/10, pt 1: Baby It's Cold Outside!

So, I am heading back to Marquette one more time to pick up some subbing. :) With how little I am getting up here in the CCISD, it's nice that "my old school" still calls me when they need the help. I student taught, long term subbed, and on-call subbed at that school for 3 years, I know them well, I love the staff, I adore the students, and I'm so sad that there probably won't be a position for me any time soon. :(

But, now I get the added fun of wintery travel! I'm heading out this afternoon because I want to make the 100 mile trip in as much daylight as possible. I know that drive like the back of my hand because I used to make it at least twice a month while Brandon and I were long distance. I spent most of my coffee/e-mail/social media time trying to mentally nail down a timeline for fitting in a long run, packing, lunch with the boyfriend, and then the actual travel.
Then I checked the weather:

I love how they don't agree at all. But, look at that! Feels like -1? I like to think I'm tough, but there's just something about negative numbers that makes me want to cry and wrap up in as many blankets as I can find.

Furthermore, it is actually not snowing for a moment, here:

But it did overnight. Oh, my poor car:

*I'll let you guess which one is mine.

Weelll... how about running this afternoon when I get to Marquette?
What? You mean it's WORSE there??

Then, I remembered this:

My friends' townhome complex has a gym! Perfect! While I hate treadmills, I think it would be my safer and certainly warmer option. And, it'll get me out of her hair while she wraps up final projects for her classes.
I know, all of that just to tell you I'm not running until this afternoon. Oh well. 
Also, I don't know how much I will be blogging while I'm there. I have a blogwriter app on my iPod, but I'm not really much of a fan of it. I will be back in all my screen-capping, Photoboothing, boyfriend's-camera-stealing glory on Friday, though. :)
Have a great day, all!

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  1. Teaching jobs are SO hard to come by lately even though we get paid nothing! It looks freezing where you are. Enjoy your run later on:)

    Thank you for agreeing about double-stuffed with me:)


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