Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12/15/10--everyone won

Today's run: 6.05 miles
Week to date: 6.05 miles
Month to date: 29.33 miles

OK, truth: I never got to the workout yesterday. :(
But, I did make it out today! Today is a much nicer day. In fact, it is down right warm compared to the past few days.
I decided a long run would be a good idea. I only have a few days to make up the mileage I need for the week, so I figured I'd kick it off with a bang.
The run itself was OK. I followed the M-26 from South Range nearly in to Houghton. The shoulders were relatively clear, which was nice. I was just glad it wasn't as absurdly cold, nor was it snowing sideways! (This was another reason why I opted for a longer run today.)

Keeping this short today--I'm not feeling too chatty, and I really would rather go cuddle up on the couch with the Boyfriend. I will leave you with this, though:
I missed most of the Biggest Loser finale last night, so I looked it up on Wikipedia to see how people did. I saw this, and it warmed my heart, because it's true!

I'm sure it has been fixed by now, but it is true--hopefully these people have had the big jumpstart they needed, and their lives have already been impacted so much that even if they didn't walk away with a car or money, they have all won.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. meh...i have been completely lazy this week. i don't know what the deal is! way to get inspired and go out for a long run. i will try to channel your get-up-and-go spirit soon and get off my lazy bum :)

  2. I love funny you posted that because yesterday I was telling billy that I think they should win more money ha and he said that loosing 300 lbs is worth way more than any money! Love it:) Hope you had fun snuggling!

    P.S. Peppermint stick is amazing and I am so sorry you don't get to see your fam How was your tempo run today?


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