Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/5/10--Day of Rest

If there was ever a day to give in to the Winter Hibernation instinct, I think today would be a top candidate.

We're getting some wonderful lake effect snow today. Oh, the joys of living near the Great Lakes!
I think today was a perfect day to just take it off, curl up in a blanket, and read while listening to football.
I feel a little guilty about taking a day off, but I've had a good running week, and I had 2 yoga/strength training days. So, I really shouldn't feel too bad.

I've had kind of a sore throat all day, but I'm somewhat sure it's from cheering at hockey games this weekend and not impending illness.
Of course, I was listening to my team's games while at the boyfriend's team's games. Never question devotion, (despite what I might be wearing in this photo--I was cold, and I try to play nice while at the games.)
This wasn't my first experience with following my team while at another game.

Brandon and I went to the WCHA conference finals this past spring. While at their championship game, I was watching NMU play in the CCHA conference championship game on the pressbox TV above us. We lost a heartbreaker to Michigan. :( (And my friends played a nasty prank on me, but that's another story for another time).

Time to start dinner--hope you had a fantastic Sunday!


  1. i've been gone all weekend and i'm working on catching up :) glad you got your weekly mileage in before the lake effect snow moved in to stay. we're getting some pretty serious snow down here too. i have to a teacher i crave snow days more than i ever did as a student :)

    sorry that friday was so grumpy, but i love that you woke up with a whole new attitude on saturday. good work! and what a great idea: yoga for anxiety? sign me up!

  2. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!! Um, there is no way I would ever run in that weather ha! Hope your throat feels better and have a great Monday!

  3. Sounds like you needed that day off. Glad you got to enjoy it!


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