Saturday, December 11, 2010

A love letter

So, I have spent a lot of the last few weeks complaining about the UP, mostly its weather and how challenging it is making my life as a runner.
Sometimes, it just takes something as simple as a music video to remind me why I stayed and how much I love it here.

This was filmed at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising, MI, 3 hours from where I live now, 1 hour from where I went to college, and where I spent nearly every vacation from when I was 9 until I was 19. Seeing this just reminded me that I live somewhere beautiful, special, and unique. I can't stay here forever, but a piece of my heart will.

So, Dear UP. I forgive you for the snowstorms and bad running, because you have given me these:

Love always, 


  1. oh man...i do love munising and the whole PR lakeshore....i really wish that we could get up there more often. its so beautiful!

  2. GORGEOUS pictures. I can't believe that music video was filmed so close to you. I loved the fall leaves picture:) Way to change your perspective on the weather...I need to do that. P.S. Send your sis to come cook for me!

  3. Those trees are just gorgeous! It gets pretty here around Lake of the Woods as well in the summer but I so quickly forget that when my wet hair freezes SOLID just setting foot outside.....Great pics!

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures. Although I don't care for cold either so it would be hard to remember all of that beauty when you're freezing. I get it.

  5. Thank you for agreeing with me about Taylor and the horse hooves...we are a lot alike:)


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