Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/2/10--Zigs and Zags

Today's run: 5.06 miles
Week to date: 12.14 miles
Month to date: 5.06 miles (First run of the month...)

And this made me happy:
Year to date: 400.09 miles
Big smiles about that, for sure!

It was another cold and snowy morning in the Copper Country!

So, it was time to put the "snow tires" on:

The outfit:
It was pretty much perfection. I was just warm enough to be comfortable. The hat was the only downer--it kept almost coming off anytime I got a headwind. The jacket ($10 at Wal-Mart--I have 3 of them) broke the wind very nicely, and I was good with a long sleeve and UnderArmor t-shirt underneath.
I knew that I wanted/needed to go 5 miles today, so it was time to get creative with my route. I saw the trucks out plowing, so I knew the streets would be relatively clear. I give you: how to run 5 miles through a tiny Upper Peninsula town:
Yeah. I zig-zagged through the streets like a champ. I got a lot of strange looks from the people out clearing their driveways, let me tell you, especially when I came back through a second time!
I felt slow today, but that was OK. I knew with the streets being snowy and slick, speed was not going to happen. I was more concerned with safety and completion today. Oddly enough, I enjoyed the rolling hills. I can't explain why exactly, but I did! Maybe it just added to the insanity factor of it. I can look back now and say, "Hey, remember that day when it was 20 degrees, windy, snowing sideways, and I went out and ran 5 miles with hills?"
You know, I can't decide if that last statement is either awesome, badass, or completely mental. Either way, I still did it.

I leave you today with this:
The other night, I decorated the apartment for Christmas. I noted that we didn't have a topper for our Christmas tree, so I found a sparkly gold ornament to hang at the top to suffice for the time being.
Yesterday, I noticed the boyfriend staring contemplatively at the TV. Perched on top was Fatty, the stuffed squirrel he bought me on our first vacation together in August '09. The next thing I know, I look over and see this:
Yup, Fatty is now our tree topper. Personally, I love it. This may have to become a tradition.

Have a great day, everyone! :)

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  1. i totally need to get me some "snow tires" what kind do you have? those look much more versatile than the yak-tracks everyone wears.

    i love going running when people look at me like i'm crazy. its so rewards and makes me feel super hard core. looks like the snow is there for good. so way to not let it keep you from running!


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