Friday, December 3, 2010


Today's run: 3.16 miles
Week to date: 15.3 miles
Month to date: 8.18 miles

I didn't get a what I wore shot today, but this probably a more accurate image of me right now:

I didn't start off the day in a bad mood, but it quickly became that way. Contributing factors:
~My neighbors forgetting that this is an apartment building and not their own private house, and carrying on a very loud conversation in the hallway starting at about 7:30.
~Finding out that according to this site, my measurements and body fat percentage mean I'm borderline obese. What? Yeah, that's what I said, but I checked the numbers twice, and I'm on the highest end of "acceptable".
~My moment of irritation spilling over and leading to me saying something to the boyfriend that I instantly regretted.
~Getting a stomachache pretty much as soon as I started running, and feeling progressively worse as I went.
~Getting home from my run to find that the boyfriend had left for the day with no note, no goodbye, no nothing, thus making me feel worse for what I said earlier.

So, I guess it goes without saying that with a nasty stomachache and a rotten mood, my run wasn't that great. I basically redid the first part of my zig-zaggy route yesterday, and instead of repeating it coming back I just headed straight down a side street, and it worked out to be just over a 5K. There were several points when I just wanted to come back, either to make things right with the boyfriend or to do something about my stomach, but I knew I couldn't stop (and the whole "hey, you're not as fit and healthy as you think, should you really not finish your workout?" train of thought was in play, too.)

OK, it's time to clean up, make some hot tea, and do something to cheer myself up. I hope you all are having a better day than I am.


  1. Sounds like we both definitely had rough days. Hopefully things look up for us. :)

  2. WHAT!!! You are tiny though, I don't believe those measurements for one second. I am so sorry about your lame morning but good for you to STILL go out and RUN....when I am grumpy I make things worse by skipping my workout. Stupid neighbors! Why do you think you had a stomachache.
    I hope your day gets better


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