Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today's run: 2 miles (19:34)
Week to date: 7 miles
Month to date: 14 miles

(Heh, that's neat--half of my miles for this month have just been in this week.)
Happy Tax Day! Though, I've had mine filed, returned, and spent for about 2 months now. Eh, oh well.

So, today was DEFINITELY spring. Hell, it almost felt like Marquette summer. Warm, muggy, puddles from a recent rain. (There are even baby leaf buds on the trees! That's UNHEARD of for this time of year up here!) It slowed me down a bit from yesterday, but oh well. Considering I wasn't even going to run today because I had a plasma donation scheduled, I'll still take it. (I donate plasma twice a week for some extra money. It's an easy process, and not too hard on your body if you take care of yourself properly. But, today was a stressful day, and I did not feel like sitting in a chair hooked up to a needle for an hour, and I do not like running after I do that because I'm a little dehydrated, so I opted out of my appointment and burned off some stress instead.
My outfit was kind of ridiculous. I am an NMU grad and a Wildcat through and through, but I was covered in another logo today:

(Pardon the messy apartment). Yup, I was covered in Grand Valley gear (courtesy of my younger sister.) I'm sporting the GVRC '10 t-shirt and a pair of GVSU track shorts. I really do like both the items (the shorts are freaking awesome), I just felt funny. And, heck, at least it's not Michigan Tech stuff!

Tomorrow might be an off day. It will all depend on what time I get home from school, because I have to work at the arena. Any time before 3:45, I could probably sneak in another quick 2. We shall see.
Wii Fit time!


  1. I thought that was you running all over RC for a bad. :-)

  2. Bahaha--I never thought of it that way! That would make a fantastic photoshop...


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