Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today's run: 5 miles
Week to date: 12 miles
Month to date: 19 miles

Yesterday, the run didn't happen. The carpool didn't leave and I didn't get home early enough to be able to run, shower, and get to work at the arena on time. Sad times.
Today, I made up for it. I KNEW today was going to be my long run for the week, but I was thinking 4 miles. However, I got motivated. I saw that my friends over at Team Baby Dinosaurhad just completed a 5 mile run (and congrats, you two! That's awesome!) And, I thought, "Well, Lindsey Ann, if they can, don't you think you can, too?" Of course I can!
Part two of the motivation came today. I saw the weather--cold, gloomy, windy as heck, generally gross. I KNEW I needed to run, but the motivation was SEVERELY lacking. So, I texted Coach Mom and Running Club Pres Little Sister with the following:
"It's cold and windy and gross outside and I don't wanna run. Tell me something motivating so I don't slack, please."
About 45 minutes later, Little Sister and a good chunk of her running club friends called me. Lots of "just go do it", "just get outside and do something", "you'll always regret the times you don't run, but you'll never regret the times you do", and "Go, Fifi, go! Go, Fifi, go!" (Old nickname, don't ask). Awesome. So awesome!
I needed one more boost, though. And, since it was cold, I knew just the thing:
All Star toque! :D Look at me, all fired up!
So, I set out. I took it SLOW. I wasn't worrying about time, I was just shooting to finish this. It was windy. It was cold. But I just didn't care. It was actually quite fun. And, at no point did I think, "whoa, I'm not going to be able to finish this." I was in a bit of pain--my knees started to bug me around mile 3, but nothing bad where I couldn't keep going.
And, I did it! No post-run photos, because I called my sister as soon as I cooled down (she had some, ahem, "recipe" questions for me.)
OK, I need some food, and goodness gracious do I need a shower! Have fun, kids!

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