Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Penciled in...

Well, I have my first two races of the year written on my calendar, thus making them in the "I AM doing these, so things will be worked around these days, and I'm sending in payment when I get my next check!" category.
These are:
-The aforementioned Hope Starts Here challenge 5K here in Marquette on May 8.
-The "Run Your Bass Off" 10 K in Crystal Falls, MI on July 11. This one was added because 1) the name cracks me up, 2)it's on a weekend where there's nothing going on at the park, 3) I most likely won't make it home for Cherry Festival so this fills in a bit of that void for me, and 4) I think at that point I'll be more than ready for a 10K.

I was toying with the idea of running another 5K here this weekend, but I decided against it, due to financial constraints, the desire to do another 5 miler Saturday, and my roommate's cocktail party bridal shower the night before. So, yeah. No 5K for me this weekend. Instead, hopefully another good 5 miler, then the boy is taking me for a 2 mile loop in Houghton on Sunday. Ohhh boy...

No run today. I wussed out of the cold in favor of an hour of WiiFit and my nice, warm apartment (oh, and the beans I was soaking/starting to cook, too).

That's all. Have fun, kids!

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