Monday, April 19, 2010


Today's run: 4 miles
Week to date: 6 miles
Month to date: 25 miles

I needed a change of pace today. I had to go to Biolife to get blood drawn (I had to get re-tested for my quarterly protein test), and I figured I could just run from there, since they're right on the lakeshore trail. So, I ran to and then around Presque Isle. It was gorgeous. A great change of pace. I should have brought my camera and taken a few pics, because it was so great. :D If I ever need a reason to remind myself why I stayed here after graduation, I just need to go to Presque. I live somewhere very, very beautiful. :)

However, I don't know if 4 miles was the best idea. After about 2, my knees started acting up again. Nothing so bad that I couldn't finish, and I can walk without limping. It's just a minor discomfort that I do not want to see become a major discomfort. So, tonight is ice (and an a treat--I'm craving a sweet, and I've been doing very well with eating lately so I believe I've earned it!) Tomorrow, day off and more ice. Wednesday will be something short and easy.
Now, do I want to go get a cupcake somewhere, or should I eat the turnover I have here...? :D

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