Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/10--3 and 3

Today's run: 6 miles
Week to date: 8.85 miles
Month to date: 23.74 miles

OK, I'm doing an exercise for myself here. I was VERY negative on my run today. And, you know, sometimes it's OK to have some of those thoughts, and sometimes you have to let them out or they'll eat you up inside. So, I'm going to say three things that were negative about today's run, but I'm going to balance them with three things that were positive about today's run.

Three negatives:
1. My iPod was irritating the crap out of me, as it kept shuffling through the same 4 songs. There's 2 hours worth of music on that shuffle, why are we listening to the same 4 songs??
2. This run truly hurt. My knees hurt, my right ankle hurt, I got a side cramp just after mile 5. It just plain hurt today.
3. I was overdressed. Again. That sun is starting to get some power to it.

Three positives:
1. It really is a beautiful day out there, and I am lucky enough to have the morning off to go for a run in it.
2. Coming in to the last 200 yards with your college fight song blaring in your headphones is just plain fun, no matter how bad the rest of the run was.
3. Hell, I ran 6 miles again! A year ago, 2 miles was an average day and 3 was really kick ass. I've done 2 6 milers in the last week! Clearly, I'm doing something right here.

And--my usual affirmation: At least I went out there and did it. Unless today somehow ends up in a massive injury later, I will not regret this run down the road. Veni, vidi ,vici.


  1. I think I love running so much because it's really great to see the growth from it. I'm similar to you. Last year, a 2 mile run was a long run and if I did 3 or 4, man, that was like stop the presses. This year, a 3 mile run is a quick short run, a 4 miler is an ok, and 6-7 is a decent run.

    What will we be like next year?

  2. Well, sir, if you're like me you're going to be eyeing up marathon training ;) :) But, I agree--what a difference a year makes!


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