Thursday, May 13, 2010

5/13/10--Tank on E...

Today's run: 4 miles
Week to date: 12.85 miles
Month to date: 27.74 miles

I took Tuesday off after how rotten I felt on Monday's run. Then, yesterday I didn't run either. That was just a combination of having little energy and previous commitments. Today I had no subbing, so I decided to try a 4. The good news? I did it. The bad news? I was just slow and drained. I finished it, but it didn't feel that good, and the whole time I wanted water, a sandwich, and a long nap.
But! I went. Yes, I got my lazy arse out and I went. Good things good things good things.

Oh, and with this run, I officially broke 100 miles for the year. :) That is pretty darn awesome.

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