Thursday, August 12, 2010

8/12/10--Failing to plan is planning to only run 2 miles...

Yesterday's run: 2 miles
Week to date: 8 miles
Month to date: 26 miles

The original plan was for me to do my last long run, my 12 miler, up in Houghton with Brandon's Bike Assistance. However, I realized that a) there just might not be adequate time to take care of said run while I was up there, and b)there might not be time at all for me to do that run at all this week. This caused lots of lip chewing and calendar analyzing, because I knew I both really wanted to and psychologically needed to do a 12. If nothing else, I needed to get in a long run this week, maybe the 12 could be postponed to the following week?
Well, that last option is what I originally went with. I also decided to give Brandon a pass on the bike escorting so he could work on packing up his apartment while I got it out of the way. He found me a 9ish mile loop to do, and we went to bed, thinking the alarm would go off at 8.
Waking up on my own desperately needing to use the restroom, I noticed it was strangely light outside for what I assumed was around 7am. I checked the clock on the way back in to bed saw that it was 8:30. Ooops. Hurricane Lindsey then ensues, trying to get ready to squeeze in the run in less time than I had banked on having. I then realize that I didn't have any kind of gels or anything with me to consume while out there. Fail #2. Still undeterred, I head out, armed with iPod and hoping for the best. What I walked out in to wasn't the fresh, cool air I'm used to in Houghton, but a freaking steambath. It was already in the mid-70's and sickeningly humid. I made it maybe 1/2 mile before I realize that it would not be safe to do a 9 mile run by myself with no water and no gels (especially given that I'm used to training with them). So, I made the best of it and did a fast 2 mile, throwing in random intervals to get a bit of speed work.
So, now what, you ask? Well, I don't like to do long runs on days when I have to work, but I see this week I have little choice. My plan now is to wake up around 6:30 tomorrow and tackle this 12 miler again. I am going alone, yes. However, there are plenty of water fountains along the route I found, and plenty of places I can go should things go badly. It will be OK, and I can do it.

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