Monday, August 23, 2010

8/23/10--of Huskies and heelers...

Today's run: 7 miles
Week to date: 7 miles
Month to date: 52 miles

It was a GORGEOUS morning in the Copper Country. Clear sky, sunny, and that perfect balance of warm and cool. Just fantastic. I ran along the waterfront trail, starting at Chutes and Ladders Park (I think the actual name of it is Verna Mize Waterfront Park, but I'm not sure, so I'm calling it what I've always heard it called). I went down, through Houghton and the Michigan Tech campus, and out to the Nara Nature Reserve Park, then back. The weather, the view, the trail, they were all great.
Then came the gosh darn dogs that chased me off the trail.
The first encounter was with a black and white heeler of some sort. The owner did not have her pet on a leash (seriously? No leash laws? Get with the 1990's, Houghton!) Trying to seem less threatening and avoid getting bitten, I eased off the trail and away from the dog, slowing almost to a stop. They pass me, and I'm on my way.
Halfway back, I see 2 young women on those roller skis used for off-season training. Obviously, these two were members of the Tech XC ski team. And, obviously, Coach never taught them about sharing the trail, because they were 2 wide, and ran me in to the dirt again. Gah.
A half mile later, I re-encountered the heeler. Again, in the bushes and at a stop to keep him from chasing me. Really?

The rest of the run was really uneventful. People up here are less likely to greet you on a run, which is sad. Sad, sad, anti-social Huskies and Yoopers. :(

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