Friday, August 20, 2010

8/20/10--Debbie Downer on the run...

Yesterday, I was NOT in a good mood during my run. That is actually quite the understatement, now that I think about it. I could definitely feel it, too--nothing felt good during that 5 miles. My legs were sore, I got a side cramp, my breathing never regulated. That negative energy was horrible.
However, I made it through the run. Oh, and I'm back in Marquette for a few days, so it was one last run along the trail where the half will go. There are only 2 sections of the whole course that I don't know inside, outside, up, and down. That really helps my confidence, and it makes it very easy to visualize the whole thing. I really feel ready for this, I just need to stay strong on my taper and make sure I'm taking care of myself in these next couple of weeks. By that, I mean getting plenty of rest, making my remaining miles strong, and eating as cleanly as possible. :) 15 days to go!

And, some numbers:
Week to date: 7 miles
Month to date: 45 miles (25 to go until my goal of 70!!)

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