Sunday, August 1, 2010


Today's run: 5 miles
Week to date: 5 miles
Month to date: 5 miles

Gotta love the 1st, eh?

Today's run was just hot. Other than that, it felt fine, with some residual soreness from the 10 miler the other day.
Oh, yeah, that 10 miler. Here's a story for you.
The original plan was to do the 10 in Houghton. Well, it turns out there were big, nasty storms coming and a tornado watch, so we postponed it. I wanted to do it the next morning before we left for our trip to Wisconsin, but my bike escort wanted to wait until we were already there. I caved. Mistake #1, I think.
Mistake #2 came throughout the day. I tried to eat enough, and get enough fluids. However, the last substantial meal I ate that day was at noon EDT, and I didn't get out for the run until 4:45 CDT. Whoops.
Then, we arrived at where I would be running: Council Grounds State Park in Merrill, WI. Beautiful, yes. However, I thought the course Brandon found for me was 2 5 mile loops. No, it turns out I was going to be doing 4 2.6 mile laps. I was... well... less than pleased, but it was pretty, it was shaded, and there wasn't much traffic. Laps 1 and 2 felt really good. Lap 3 still felt good. Lap 4, the fit hit the shan. At 8 miles, my ankle (which I rolled the other day packing up my car) began hurting. 8.5, my left leg as a whole began locking up. By 9, my legs were really beginning to seize up. I made it through the last 1.4 miles, and finally stopped at the bottom of the hill where I began. I knew I was going to go down, and quickly... and Brandon was nowhere to be found. I began hissing things that would make a sailor blush, leaned against a stop sign, and began shaking and crying. I was pretty much miserable. Thankfully, about a minute later he came flying down the hill--apparently, I finished faster than he thought I was going to. He got me (slowly) back to the car, and we headed back to his parents' place.
So, needless to say, 10 was not the fun milestone the other long runs have been. I'm holding out hope that 11 will be better. Coach Mom and my dad are up at our cabin near here, and she said she'd be game to run that with me. :D
In other news, I officially registered for the half this morning! :D (Yeah, kind of last minute, but I needed to wait until the funding was there.) It's really happening, kids. It's really happening!!
Oh, and July total: 69.4 miles. ALMOST 70. Gah. Still, that's a lot of mileage. 2.5 times what I did the month before. Wow. Just wow. :D

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