Sunday, August 8, 2010

8/8/10--Some Beginning's End...

Today's run: 6 miles
Week to date: 6 miles
Month to date: 24 miles

Well, a week from today I transplant myself from Marquette to Houghton. This means that I am in my last week of running here on the trails (and, also, the half-marathon course). It's bittersweet, but I know that this is 100% the right call for me right now.
I did my 11 miler on Thursday. Once again, Brandon was along for the ride, but instead of wearing his CamelBak, we handed off a water bottle as we went (earning us a compliment from a gentleman along Lakeshore Boulevard!) That, I found, worked MUCH better than the CamelBak, because I could take smaller sips and drink more at my own pace. Also, I had one Gu before my run and 2 while I was out there. It was probably more than what I needed, but I felt much better than after my 10. Another thing that I think helped was all the eating I did the day before! I had 2 big bagel veggie sandwiches, and then a Vegetarian Sub from Jimmy Johns, along with a ton of water.
The run itself, however, was very slow. It was 2 hours for 11 miles. Granted, I did have to stop twice during the first 2 miles to fiddle with (and eventually just tear off) the tape I put on my arches and ankles, but it still just felt really, really slow. Coach Mom, however, reassured me that with my goals, my physiological issues, and the fact that this is my first one, I shouldn't be too upset. And, besides, I've now proven to myself that I can run non-stop for 2 hours. Speed will come eventually.

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